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Kodi's Natural Pet Foods features dog and cat food brands. If there is a specific brand you prefer for your pets that you don't see, let us know! You can reach Kodi's by phone at 602-265-0462 or e-mail .
Often we can get a specified pet food for you within 24 hours.


New at Kodi's: OsoPure dog food from Artemis
Osopure dog food is an all natural, grain free product. We don't use artificial color, dye or bleach.
  Osopure is the Artemis answer to your dog's demand for a protein-centered, grain free approach to achieving nutrition.

We hand select the highest quality protein sources as the base of this specialized formula and balance it with nutritious fruits and vegetables. Osopure not only mirrors the balance of nutrition one would find in the wild, it enhances it. - See more at this link

Bison/Salmon & Garbanzo Bean
Duck & Garbanzo Bean
Salmon & Garbanzo Bean
Turkey & Garbanzo Bean
More information on each of these is available at this link

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