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Kodi's Natural Pet Foods features dog and cat food brands. If there is a specific brand you prefer for your pets that you don't see, let us know! You can reach Kodi's by phone at 602-265-0462 or e-mail .
Often we can get a specified pet food for you within 24 hours.



The spirit of the outdoors

Located in Ogden, Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains, we’re a family owned, American-made company. 

It’s this spirit of the outdoors and adventure that influenced our Elevate brand, mission, and our inventive recipes.

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on the Elevate website.



Inside every dog is a native desire to run, roam, adventure and be outdoors. It’s these instincts that led us on our Elevate™ journey, crafting premium dog food that provides essential nutrition and energy to help dogs live life at their peak. 

Choose from our dry kibble or wet canned recipes in a variety of savory, real-meat recipes like pork, salmon, chicken, and lamb.

Each and every Elevate product is made with real, premium ingredients. Our plants are SQF certified which means we thoroughly vet our suppliers to ensure quality and safety. 

We carefully select suppliers known for their high quality standards in and outside the US, and we don’t source anything from China.

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