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Do you know why these ingredients are in your pet food?
by Rhonda Teel

Sometimes when we read the labels on our pet food we wonder why they put certain ingredients in the food. These are just a few of them and what they do.

Split Pea is a high protein food and a good source of potassium, it provides energy and is a good source of iron for normal blood cell formation and is a very good source of vitamin C, which protects the body from free radicals.

Pearl Millet is a nutritious non-glutinous non-acid forming and beneficial to the stomach, spleen and pancreas, it is one of the least allergenic grains. Millet is a good source of fiber and is rich in phytochemical, which lowers the risk of cancer. Millet is one of the best grains for intestinal disorders.

Brown Rice contains a generous supply of B vitamins, plus calcium, phosphorus and iron. Of all the grains it is the most easily digested and helps with clear up diarrhea.

Chicory Root is beneficial to the colon, it aids in digestion and enhances the production of B vitamins and has an index of 0 on the glycemic index.

Yucca Root helps keep hips & joints healthy, helps avoid inflammation, and reduces skin disorders & eruptions.

Taurine is an essential amino acid. Low levels of taurine are associated with cardiomyopathy and retinal degeneration. Cats need a certain amount of this amino acid and can only get it from meat.

These are just a few ingredients you might have questions about. Good nutrition is as important for our pets as it is for us.

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