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Ten Reasons to Take your Dog(s) for a Daily Walk
by Taryn Blyth

1) Physical Wellbeing - Exercise is essential for lungs and muscles to be exercised to maintain a healthy body and weight.

2) Mental Wellbeing - Dogs are intelligent animals that need the opportunity to use their senses and engage their minds.

3) Socializing Opportunities - Socializing needs to be lifelong endeavor. It's not just for puppies. The more you take them out the more of a pleasure it becomes for both of you.

4) Outlet for excess energy - Helps to prevent over-excitable and uncontrollable behavior at home, trying to get the owner's attention.

5) Reduction in behavioral problems - When dogs are bored things like digging, destructive chewing and barking can result. When the dogs know they can count on a daily walk they will usually stop the destructive behavior.

6) Training and bonding opportunities - Opportunities can include things like sit before crossing a road, lie down quietly while you rest on a bench. The more you share life, the stronger the bond becomes.

7) Longevity - Dogs that get regular exercise are fitter and healthier. As joints weaken with age it's important to keep muscles strong to support joints to allow the dog to get around for as long as possible. Moderate exercise is recommended at this point.

8) Getting the most out of your companion animal - Companions spend time with you and share things. They are part of your family and need to be included in family activities and outings. Daily walks help integrate them pleasantly into the family activities

9) Sheer enjoyment - Going for a walk makes dogs happy! As soon as they see you getting ready for the walk, they get excited. Often they grab a ball and can't wait to get out of the car or out the gate. Then they are contented when they get home and flop down to rest.

10) Human Benefits - People get the same benefits as the dogs do. Good health, fitness and weight control, even just watching what a great time your dog is having.

The recommendation is a minimum of 30min of moderate exercise daily.

Thanks to Taryn Blyth for the information.

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