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What to look for on a pet food label
By Rhonda Teel

Animal protein should be at one of the first ingredients, they are listed by weight. If the label says by-products or corn as the first ingredient you should look for a different food. It should also name the source, Lamb, Bison, and  Chicken etc. The ingredients with the highest inclusion are located at beginning of the list, while those with the lowest inclusion are listed at the end.

When evaluating the ingredient list, it is important to look for high quality protein sources such as meats, meat meals and eggs. Also important are sources of essential dietary fats such as chicken fat, vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, and fish oil. Whole grains and grain free carbohydrate sources such as peas, sweet potatoes and fresh fruits and vegetables are also healthful ingredients for pet foods.

You should also look at the analysis on the label which will list the minimum crude protein content, minimum crude fat content and maximum moisture content. These guarantees are meant to protect the consumer and  provide worthwhile information about the product.

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