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Hazards in your Yard to your Pets
by Rhonda Teel

Since our pets are lower to the ground than we are they are much more susceptible to what we put on our lawns.  The herbicides and pesticides that we put on the plants and lawns to combat weeds and pests can dramatically increase the chance for bladder cancer and lymphoma which is one of the most common forms of cancer in our pets. Paul Tukey of SafeLawns Foundation says to check the label and stay away from products if the primary ingredient is a compound called 2, 4-D a chemical that kills weeds and dandelion as well as clover.

Ecosmart.com or saferbrand.com both use natural products from oils or herbs that control pests and weeds.

Fertilizer is another hazard even the organic ones that contain bone meal, fish meal and blood meal which can cause vomiting, bloating dehydration and blockage if even a cup is eaten. Your pets are attracted to it because to them it smells like a wonderful snack. Bone meal can become a cement ball in the stomach and is impossible to digest. Try a veggie based fertilizer that uses corn or alfalfa which work just as well.

Spring is a great time of year to plant and feed lets keep our pets safe as well as our families.

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