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Acana from Kentucky


Dogstar Kitchens is our new Kentucky home - a bright new star for the pet food industry.

Purpose-built from the ground up, our state-of-the-art Kentucky DogStar® kitchens dramatically enhance our Fresh Regional Ingredient and Biologically Appropriate™ capabilities, demonstrating our passion for innovation and leadership at every level.

Situated on 85 acres of farmland in Kentucky and designed to make the best and safest dog and cat foods on earth, our DogStar® kitchens exceed the regulatory requirements and track and trace capabilities expected of human food facilities.

And to pet lovers who celebrate authenticity, our DogStar® kitchens will prepare ACANA and ORIJEN exclusively; no other brands, no private label.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe you wouldn’t either.

More information is available
on the Dogstar Kitchens website.

  Acana Heritage


ACANA Heritage foods are our original Biologically Appropriate™ recipes that celebrate our 25-year tradition of featuring fresh regional ingredients grown close to home by farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know and trust.

That means ACANA Heritage foods are brimming with free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs from local farms, freshwater fish from regional waters and heritage meats from Appalachian ranches — all delivered in fresh WholePrey™ ratios to nourish completely.

Prepared in our Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America’s best and freshest ingredients, these unique and Biologically Appropriate™ foods are a delicious way to keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong. Read our ingredients and you’ll be happy too.

Fresh Regional Ingredients

Heritage Red Meats

Free-Run Poultry and Eggs

Wild and Sustainably Caught Fish

Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Locally Grown Botanicals

Never Outsourced Food Innovation


Dogstar Kitchens

Purpose-built, from the ground up, to advance our Biologically Appropriate™, Fresh Regional Ingredient and Never Outsourced mission, our DogStar® kitchens are dedicated to pet lovers everywhere.

Six principals guided our two year state-of-the-art DogStar® kitchen build:


Top Brands available at Kodi's Natural Pet Foods


  Protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and grain-free, ORIJEN features the highest fresh meat inclusions of any dry dog or cat food, at the same time excluding many conventional pet food ingredients — such as inappropriate high-glycemic cereal grains and vegetable proteins that simply are not present in the natural diet.

To mirror the natural diet, ORIJEN also features a diversity of meats including fresh, free-run chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs, fresh free-range red meats and fresh saltwater and freshwater fish — all in a Biologically Appropriate ratio of 80 percent meat, 20 percent fruits and vegetables, and zero grain (80.20.0).

Taste of the Wild

  Satisfy your dog or cat's instinctual cravings with Taste of the Wild. Choose from High Prairie Canine with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison, Pacific Stream Canine with Smoked Salmon, Wetlands Canine with Roasted Fowl and Rocky Mountain Feline with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon.

Made with real roasted meats and supplemented with fruits and vegetables, these grain-free formulas provide a superior taste sensation, highly digestible energy and natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall health. Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one.

Solid Gold

  Solid Gold Health Products for Pets was one of the first pet food companies in the United States using all-natural ingredients in our products. We are committed to providing the best food, supplements and skin care products for your pets.

Please check out our product line with complete nutritional information to see how Solid Gold can help you feed and care for your pet.

Pure Vita

  The makers of NutriSource® proudly bring you PureVitaTM Brand Pet Foods. PureVita'sTM select pet formulas are carefully prepared using only the purest, all natural, holistic ingredients to support your pet's overall physical and emotional well-being and to maintain health and longevity.

The essence of PureVitaTM utilizes highly palatable, single source proteins and a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, each chosen for it's unique nutritional values and powerful phyto nutrient content. PureVitaTM also features Acai berries and pomegranate popularly known for their rich antioxidant benefits. PureVitaTM is "pure life" and will support your loving pet's health and well being the same way your pet enhances your everyday life.

Nature's Variety

  Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets are formulated like the ancestral diet with 95% meat, organs, and raw ground bone, and with wholesome fruits and vegetables. Dogs and cats are meat eaters by nature. A diet consisting primarily of raw meat, organ meats, bone, and fat reflects what your pet would eat in its natural habitat. Since dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, they thrive on a diet rich in nutritious meat.

The INGREDIENTS speak for themselves:
Chicken, Raw Ground Chicken Bone, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Apples, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseed, Chicken Eggs, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Duck Eggs, Pheasant Eggs, Quail Eggs, Inulin, Rosemary, Sage, Clove.

Other fine brands carried by Kodi's

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